Match NAVI against Astralis has been the most viewed throughout the history of ESL Pro League

The most popular match of the European part of ESL Pro League Season 12 was the grand finale with NAVI and Astralis, which was watched by 568,404 people at its peak. According to the analytical service Esports Charts, this game has become the most popular in the history of tournaments ESL Pro League.

In the final, the peak viewers of the English-language broadcast was 308,698, and the Russian-speaking broadcast - 221,334. Totally 42 matches took place within the tournament, which was watched by 121, 071 people on average.

The top five most popular matches included four NAVI games at once.

1.  NAVI –  Astralis, Grand Final (568,404 people).
2.  NAVI –  OG, 2 round of group stage (316,796 people).
3.  NAVI –  mousesports, 1 round of playoffs (302, 788 persons).
4.  NAVI –  Heroic, 2 round of group stage (276, 086 persons).
5.  mousesports –  Astralis, 3 round of the bracket playoffs (259,007 persons).

Recall that ESL Pro League Season 12 for Europe took place online from September 1 to October 4. The winner of the tournament was Astralis, who defeated in the final NAVI with a score of 3:2.