Astralis CEO accused Heroic players of intentional bug abuse

Nikolaj Nyholm, CEO of Astralis, in his Twitter account pointed out to the strange actions of Heroic players in the match between two Danish teams at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 and urged them to confess to receiving information from the coach. As evidence, Nyholm published a part of the demo from the point of view of Heroic coach Nikolaj "HUNDEN" Petersen.

During the match, the camera of coach Heroic was fixed on the banana. Analyst Jacob "Pimp" Winneche   after watching the video drew attention to the eighth round (time code 14:20 - ed.), when the player, moving between plants, made the right decision a few seconds after Astralis decided to attack point A.

Nyholm added that he considers everyone in Heroic excellent players and tacticians, but at the same time, they spoil their reputation by refusing to explain their actions publicly.