AGO will continue working with banned specialist

The Polish organization AGO did not refuse the services of the trainer Mikolay "miNirox" Mikhalkov, who was banned for 3.75 months. He used the coaching bug once in 2018 and helped the ESIC investigation, which reduced the penalty by 20%.

MiNirox, who has been working at AGO for more than three years, will continue to work as a coach, but under the terms of the ban, he will not be able to communicate with the team during matches, as well as participate in the process of selecting cards.

The management of the organization, represented by the head of the eSports division Maciej Opelski, supported Mikhalkov.

Recently, the AGO line-up has undergone changes, during which Milosz "mhL" Knasiak and Oskar "oskarish" Stenborowski were transferred to the reserve. Their place was taken by Eric "leman" Kociba and Brian "DGL" Lemeh, who had previously played for the reserve team.