Evil Geniuses topped HLTV.org ranking

Evil Geniuses came in first place in the updated ranking from HLTV.org, ahead of Heroic and Vitality. Peter "stanislaw" Jargus' team was recognized as the strongest in the world for the second time in its history - the first one happened last fall after winning the ESL One New York 2019.

In addition to EG, other teams that participated in the ESL Pro League S12 for North America also strengthened their position in the ranking. FURIA rose five lines, Liquid two lines, 100 Thieves eight lines, Chaos four lines and Gen.G only one line up.

The biggest regression of the top 30 showed Complexity. In particular, due to the loss of Owen "oBo" Schlatter, the European team lost 133 points and fell from fifth to tenth place.

The ranking from HLTV.org is updated weekly and primarily takes into account the results for the last two months. The team's achievements over the past year are also taken into account, with the number of points for previous successes decreasing with each month.