kassad & HenryG will reforge Cloud9 CS:GO line-up

Cloud9 introduced Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović as the coach of the future CS: GO roster, they've and also hired a new general manager, former caster Henry "HenryG" Greer. They will be engaged in the selection of new players, since the current roster has been put up for transfer.

“When approaching a challenge such as building a CS:GO team from scratch, there are countless compromises and caveats that come with the territory, especially if your primary objective is to forge a world-class squad in a very limited window of time,” Greer continued. “I'll be honest and say, I haven't had a huge amount of respect for the methodology used in other 'ground floor' projects so far.

kassad is best known as the coach of the Renegades roster, which finished 3-4 at StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 and was bought out by 100 Thieves. The Serbian specialist left the team on April 28 this year after a series of disagreements with the players.

“I don't want to sign any players to appease my own or anyone else's agenda," he said. "I'm aware there will be plenty of decisions down the line that will be difficult to call. I don't plan for roster direction to be one of them. So far, players have not been a topic that Kassad and I have disagreed on at any point. I trust his judgment and his body of work and experience speaks for itself. He is regarded as one of the absolute best coaches in the industry. We are working together to achieve our goals and have a very similar approach to building our dream.”

Trifunović echoed these sentiments: “As he mentioned, we have a very specific plan on how to do everything in the right, healthy and efficient way to build a team with a strong system and structure that is going to create a winning culture. The biggest and one of the most important things for me right now is the fact that there is absolute trust between C9, Henry and me. I feel like that’s a very good foundation.”

HenryG previously worked in English speaking studios covering major CS: GO tournaments. A few days earlier, he announced his retirement as an esports commentator, the reason for which, he said, was a loss of motivation.
Greer will be in charge of the overall project supervision, while Trifunovich will work directly with the future CS: GO roster in Cloud9.