Heroic against Vitality at ESL One Cologne 2020 grandfinal

Team Heroic are the first finalist of the European part of ESL One Cologne 2020. The Danes beat G2 2:1 - 25:23 on Vertigo, 16:19 on Nuke and 16:7 on Mirage in the semi-finals.

Due to overtime on two cards, the match lasted more than four hours. The winners with the best statistics turned out to be young Rene "TeSeS" Madsen and Martin "stavn" Lund, whose rating was 1.19 and 1.15 respectively.

The actual grid of playoffs:

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Команда Heroic стала первым финалистом европейской части ESL One Cologne 2020. В полуфинале датчане обыграли G2 со счетом 2:1 – 25:23 на Vertigo, 16:19 на Nuke и 16:7 на Mirage.

За счет овертаймов на двух картах матч продлился более четырех часов. У победителей лучшей статистикой выделились молодые Рене "TeSeS" Мадсен и Мартин "stavn" Лунд, рейтинг которых составил 1.19 и 1.15 соответственно.

Heroic – G2 statistics

The European part of ESL One Cologne resumed with the second match of the day, where Heroic have joined by Vitality in the finals. The French had been stronger than NiP.

Frenchmen defeated the Swedes 2:0 - 16:7 on Dust2 and 16:13 on Overpass. The best statistics on the server showed Mathieu "ZywOo" Erbo - the headliner of Vitality finished the series with a rating of 1.74.

Match statistics Vitality - NiP

Playoffs bracket: