MIBR & MAD Lions to attend Malta Vibes: Week 9

The organizers of Malta Vibes have published the full list of participants of the ninth week of the tournament. Among the sixteen invited teams there are MIBR and MAD Lions, who will participate for the first time in the tournament series.

The event kicks off on August 25 with matches until one victory. The teams are split into four groups, from which the two best representatives of each quartet will advance to the playoffs. The group stage will run in the Double Elimination (GSL) format, while the playoffs played in Single Elimination BO3. The prize fund of Malta Vibes is $40,000, the winner gets $25,000, as well as free boot camp in a 5-star hotel in Malta.

Group stage Malta Vibes: Week 9:

Group A

 MAD Lions

Group B


Group C

 Gambit Youngsters

Group D

 Team Spirit

Schedule of the first group matches:

Group A (25 August)

 Apeks –  Illuminar
 MAD Lions –  GamerLegion

Group B (26 August)

 AGO –  Winstrike

Group C (27 August)

 MIBR –  HellRaisers
 forZe –  Gambit Youngsters

Group D (28 August)

 Team Spirit –  c0ntact
 AVEZ –  Dignitas

At the moment the play-offs of the eighth week of the Championship are played. Winners of seven previous draws of Malta Vibes were Nordavind, ALTERNATE aTTaX, Illuminar and Gambit Youngsters (twice), forZe and Espada.