BIG & Heretics are out of ESL One Cologne 2020 Europe

Two team to be the first to leave the European part of the ESL One Cologne 2020 tournament have been determined. They are BIG and Heretics, who lost NiP and fnatic respectively.

BIG could not confirm the status of the favorite and the world's best team in the match against NiP. The Swedes won 2:1 - 5:16 on Vertigo, 28:26 on Nuke and 16:7 on Mirage. It is noteworthy that XANTARES - one of the main shooters of the German team - finished the series with the worst rating and k/d ratio among all players.

Actual grid of group A:

Actual grid of group B:

For more information on the intermediate results of the group stage and the full schedule of subsequent matches of ESL One Cologne 2020 for Europe, please visit the tournament page on the link.

Определились две команды, которые первыми покинули европейскую часть турнира ESL One Cologne 2020. Ими стали BIG и Heretics, проигравшие NiP и fnatic соответственно.

BIG не смогли подтвердить статус фаворита и лучшей команды мира в матче против NiP. Шведы выиграли со счетом 2:1 – 5:16 на Vertigo, 28:26 на Nuke и 16:7 на Mirage. Примечательно, что Исмаилкан "XANTARES" Дурткардеш – один из главных стрелков в составе немецкого коллектива – закончил серию с худшим рейтингом и соотношением убийств среди всех игроков.

BIG - NiP statistics

In the game against Heretics, the Swedes from fnatic managed to win back after the defeat on the first card and complete the confrontation in their favor. The match ended 2:1 - 8:16 on Nuke, 16:7 on Inferno and 16:9 on Mirage.

 Heretics - fnatic statistics

Actual brackets of group A:

Actual brackets of group B: