ESL One Cologne 2020: Heroic over FaZe, G2 outplayed MIBR

All matches of the second game day of ESL One Cologne 2020 for Europe are over. Heroic and G2 started the tournament with victories, beating FaZe and MIBR respectively. The winners reached the top bracket semifinals, where they will play a place in the playoffs and the losers will fight in a knockout match.

The Danes from Heroic beat FaZe 2-0 - 16-10 on Nuke and 16-9 on Mirage. This match was the first for Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjaerbye, a newcomer to the European team.

FaZe - Heroic match statistics

MIBR is the only ESL One Cologne 2020 team for Europe that does not represent this region. In their debut, the Brazilians could do nothing against G2. Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic's team confidently won on two cards - 16:2 at Vertigo and 16:4 at Inferno.

MIBR - G2 statistics

Actual Group B brackets: