AGO is the final participant at ESL Pro League Season 12

In the final match ESEA MDL Season 33 for Europe, AGO beat Sprout 3:1 - 16:7 on Mirage, 19:16 on Train and 16:10 on Dust2. The Poles started with the score 0:1 as they reached the final from the bottom bracket.

The final stage of the European ESEA MDL Season 33 was took place online with the participation of three teams. The victory allowed AGO to get a spot in ESL Pro League Season 12.

ESEA MDL Season 33 results for Europe:

Prize fund allocation:

1.  AGO – $12,500 + spot at ESL Pro League S12
2.  Sprout – $10,000 + spot at ESEA MDL S35 Premier
3.  Galaxy Racer – $5,000 + spot at ESEA MDL S35 Premier

ESL Pro League Season 12 will run from September 2 to October 11 with the participation of 24 teams. The total prize fund of the tournament will be $750,000, while its format is not known at the moment.

The list of ESL Pro League Season 12 participants:

 Evil Geniuses
 Natus Vincere
 100 Thieves
 Team Spirit