Heroic & OG advance to IEM New York 2020 Europe

As a result of the closed qualifiers, Heroic and OG got tickets to the IEM New York 2020 online championship for Europe. Four teams competed for two slots - the Danes and Europeans were joined by x6tence and PACT, who won open qualifiers.

In the first decisive match Heroic defeated OG, after which the team of Alexi "Aleksib" Virolineen was stronger than PACT in the small final. The two winners will join BIG, Vitality, FaZe, fnatic, G2 and Complexity for direct tournament infeits.

The final brackets of the closed European qualifiers for IEM New York 2020:

IEM New York 2020 for Europe, which will draw a $140,000 prize pool, starts on 6 October. Unlike the CIS and North American region, it will not be a RMR tournament in Europe.