Espada triumphant at Malta Vibes: Week 7

The seventh week of online tournament Malta Vibes ended with the victory of Espada. In the Grand Final the Russian team defeated the Poles from  AVEZ 2:1 - 13:16 on Nuke, 16:8 on Dust2 and 16:13 on Overpass.

Both finalists took the second place in their groups. AVEZ were stronger in the playoffs than Nordavind and Izako Boars, while Espada overtook Apeks and Galaxy Racer.

Results of Malta Vibes playoff stage: Week 7:

Prize fund distribution:

1.  Espada – $25,000 + bootcamp in a 5-star hotel in Malta
2.  AVEZ – $10,000
3-4.  Galaxy Racer – $2,500
3-4.  Izako Boars – $2,500

Malta Vibes: Week 8 will run from 20 to 24 August. At the moment the list of participants for next week is not announced.