Chaos qualified for FunSpark ULTI

Chaos won the North American qualifiers for the FunSpark ULTI tournament. The final match against Ze Pug Godz ended with 2:1 score - 19:15 on Train, 10:16 on Inferno and 16:13 on Nuke.

Chaos defeated Positive Vibes Only and New England Whalers in the qualifying round but lost to Ze Pug Godz in the finals of the upper bracket. Joshua's "steel" Nissan's team was stronger than Cloud9 after which they took revenge on Ze Pug Godz in the final. In addition to a spot at FunSpark ULTI, Chaos players received $7,500 for this victory.

The North American team joined FURIA and TYLOO on the FunSpark ULTI participants list. This $300,000 LAN tournament is scheduled for December 1-6 in China, but is likely to be postponed to 2021 due to unfavorable epidemiological conditions.

Qualifiers for the FunSpark ULTI continues in Europe with 16 teams, including forZe and Nemiga. Winstrike and Dignitas have already finished in 13-16th place. Qualifiers in Asia arew scheduled for September.

At the moment, the list of FunSpark ULTI participants looks as follows:

 Winner of European qualification #1
 Winner of European qualification #2
 Winner of Asian qualification