ZywOo, kennyS, NEO will participate in Red Bull Flick

The organizers of Red Bull Flick announced the full list of participants. The one-day event with a total prize pool of $20,000 will take place on August 9. Its main feature is the "Flag Hold" format, during which teams will capture and hold the area of flag placement on specially designed maps for 45 seconds or until the end of the round, which lasts 2 minutes.

A total of sixteen teams of two players each will take part in the tournament. Twelve pairs have been invited directly and four more have passed national or open qualifiers.

The full list of Red Bull Flick participants is as follows:

 Vitality (⁠misutaaa⁠ & ⁠ZywOo)
 G2 (⁠kennyS & ⁠JaCkz)
 G2 (⁠nexa⁠ & ⁠huNter-⁠)
 BIG (gob b & ⁠alexRr)
 ENCE (sergej & Aerial)
 c0ntact (SHiPZ⁠ & ⁠EspiranTo)
 HONORIS (⁠Prism & NEO⁠)
 HONORIS (⁠reiko & TaZ)
 Giants ⁠(NOPEEJ & obj)
 Giants (fox⁠ ⁠& pr)
Denmark (⁠mim & Remoy)⁠
Great Britain ⁠(smooya⁠ & Thomas)
Geramany (s1n ⁠& skyye⁠)
France ⁠(Ex3rcice & Djoko)⁠
Russia ⁠(Dima & ⁠FinigaN⁠)
Ukraine (m1koo24- & HELLKISSS)