Na`Vi 2010 tied in games against NAVI 2020 in the showmatch

The current line-up of Natus Vincere turned out to be stronger than the legendary 2010 roster in a showmatch. The game ended with a score of 4:2.

The first three cards of the team played in CS 1.6. This part of the confrontation was won by NAVI 2010 - 16:9 on Train, 7:16 on Inferno and 22:19 on Tuscan. After moving to CS:GO the young players showed their strength - 16:8 on Train, 16:4 on Inferno and 16:2 on Dust2.

The official broadcast of the show-match was conducted by Maincast studio. On average, it was watched by 111,424 viewers, with a peak of 152,777 people.

The closest official NAVI match will be run as part of ESL One Cologne for Europe. This tournament will take place from 18 to 30 August online.