HellRaisers introduced new logo and uniform

eSports organization HellRaisers has rebranded and introduced a new version of the logo. The game form was also updated. The presentation was accompanied by a text message explaining the changes in part.

We started in 2014. Remember when everyone was playing Flappy Bird and reading the Vkontakte groups We don't remember either. Everything has changed 10 times already, it's not a child's gun over his lip, but a real man's bristles on the faces of our fans. It's a time of change. Unpredictable, desperate and persistent. We chew victory to the last. We are underdogs. We are HellRaisers.

Recall that the last HellRaisers CS:GO tournament was Malta Vibes: Week 3. The team won its group, but in the first round of playoffs with a score of 0:2 lost to Hard Legion.