Illuminar won the third Malta Vibes series

The third game week of the online championship Malta Vibes, which took place from 14 to 19 July, ended with victory for Illuminar. In the Grand Final the Polish team defeated FATE 2:0 by cards - 16:4 on Mirage and 16:9 on Inferno.

Both finalists of Malta Vibes: Week 3 finished the group stage in the first places of their groups. In the playoffs Illuminar proved their superiority over Singularity and Hard Legion, while FATE were stronger than Gambit Youngsters and ALTERNATE aTTaX.

Results of the playoff stage of Malta Vibes: Week 3:

Prize fund distribution:

1.  Illuminar – $25,000 + bootcamp in a 5 star hotel in Malta
2.  FATE – $10,000
3-4.  ALTERNATE aTTaX – $2,500
3-4.  Hard Legion – $2,500