Vision Esports will host a LAN tournament for Chinese teams

eSports event organizer Vision Esports has announced a closed LAN tournament with the participation of six Chinese teams. The competition, called CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup, will run from August 4 to 9 at the organizers' Villa in Wuxi City.

TYLOO, Invictus and Let's Quit are the direct invite owners. The second half of the slots will be occupied by the finalists of the two-stage qualification, which will be held exclusively by the Chinese lineup players. The qualifiers will take place from July 21-30.

The CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup starts with a group stage in Round-robin BO1 format, with up to two wins in the Double ELimination grid. The total prize pool will be ¥200,000 (~$29,000).

List of CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup participants:

Let's Quit
 Closed qualifiers finalist #1
Closed qualifiers finalist #2
Closed qualifiers finalist #3