innersh1ne introduced as mousesports analyst

Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin is officially represented as an analyst of mousesports by CS:GO. Russian has successfully passed the test in the European team.

Previously, Britvin helped the Smoke Criminals team, and from October 2019 to February 2020 he worked for the GamerLegion organization.

He finished the first half of the year with a series of disappointing results: on BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Showdown the line-up took 5th-6th place, while on ESL One: Road to Rio, DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 and cs_summit 6 he did not leave the group at all. Finn's team "karrigan" Andersen is currently at 13th place in the world ranking from, losing ten points in the last four months.

The current roster of mousesports:

 Chris "chrisJ" de Jong
 Robin "ropz" Kool
 Finn "karrigan" Andersen
Özgür "woxic" Eker
 David "frozen" Chernyansky

 Allan "Rejin" Petersen (Coach)
 Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin (analyst)