Valve improved Trusted Mode performance in most recent update

Valve has released a small patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which improves the client's stability in trusted mode when third party applications try to get into the game many times. Earlier developers named this problem as the cause of FPS issues for some players.

[Trusted Mode]
– Fixed performance issue caused by third party applications repeatedly attempting to inject into CS:GO.
– Fixed crashes caused by third party applications injecting into CS:GO.

A few days earlier Valve published the FAQ on Trusted Mode in CS:GO. In particular, it became known that the developers plan to pass off the VAC-ban in the future for excessive attempts to introduce the client. At the same time, it was confirmed that there is no white list of applications to rule out the possibility of hacking allowed software and further introduction of cheats into it.

At the end of June, a new method to fight against cheaters in CS:GO has been introduced. The client now blocks the operation of software whose DLLs have not received a special digital signature. Players can use the -insecure option to run third-party software without any problems, but in this case they will not be able to join VAC servers.