Jamppis latest response regarding the Valve lawsuit

Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen has demanded that the Finnish court in Uusimaa, which is considering the dispute between the player and Valve Corporation, order the developer company of CS:GO to remove its ban on participation in the majors until the final decision with a bail of €100,000 is issued as a precautionary measure. 

According to a recent statement from OLKKONEN, ie the answer, the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa is a suitable place for the case proceedings because it is a consumer dispute.

Olkkonen says that he was a consumer at the time of the event, in 2015. The professional career of super talent began in 2018 at SuperJymy. Olkkonen has never used the game ban account for professional purposes.

Valve GmbH was founded in 2016, but the situation regarding Olkkonen's ban took place in 2015. According to Olkkonen's reply, this is irrelevant because Valve Corporation has transferred matters concerning European customers to its subsidiary.

The reply also states that Valve GmbH had previously confirmed that it was concerned/participant when Olkkonen sought a solution to the dispute through the European Commission's online dispute resolution. Valve GmbH has also registered as a trader in the Steam service subscription agreement.

Valve Corporation also wholly owns Valve GmbH. In addition to the points already mentioned, the reply states that the companies share the e-mail address [email protected].

The reply also questions Valve's passivity in the dispute. Olkkonen has clarified the matter since last autumn, but after October, Valve stopped responding to the messages. Olkkonen has since sent several e-mails, offered arbitration in Stockholm and proposed a settlement one week before filing the lawsuit.

Valve GmbH did not react to the case until the action was brought before the District Court. According to the reply, it was only after that that Valve GmbH claimed that the company was not a trader or a party to the order contract.

  • A large multinational company cannot voluntarily choose when any of its subsidiaries is a party to an order agreement and when not, once the company has been notified as a party, the response states.

OLKKONEN has also specified his requirements. He previously demanded the lifting of the VAC ban on the old gaming account, the lifting of the major tournament ban, and damages totaling € 268,092.

Now Olkkonen is only demanding the lifting of the VAC ban on the gaming account and compensation of 228,092 euros. In April, Olkkonen signed a professional contract with the ENCE team, as a result of which the amount of compensation has been reduced.

Olkkonen, 18, has also made a request for confidentiality regarding the claim for damages and the application for precautionary measures with evidence. Confidential material contains a third party's trade secrets.

In the application for precautionary measures, Olkkonen demands that the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa order Valve to lift the VAC ban on the old gaming account on the basis of a penalty payment of EUR 100,000 until the matter has been finally resolved.

The application says that the precautionary measure cannot cause damage to Valve, but the ban will significantly harm Olkkonen's career. Among other things, it is written that the careers of professional players are very limited in time, because there are very few players over the age of 30.

Olkkonen also requests that the case be heard by a panel of three judges from the time the procedural objections, ie disputes, are resolved. He justifies the request on the basis of the nature and extent of the case.

VALVE's next deadline is Wednesday 15.7.

At the end of March, Jarek "DeKay" insider Lewis told about the litigation between Jamppi and the developer company of CS:GO. This data was later confirmed by Ilta-Sanomat, which had access to an application from an 18-year-old player in a Finnish court.

Jamppi made his debut on the CS:GO professional scene in 2017. At the end of last year he was close to signing a contract with OG, which considered him as the main candidate for the role of sniper, but at the last moment refused due to the uncertain situation with the VAC-ban. On April 21, the player joined ENCE.