cs_summit 6 gathered 190,3 thousand viewers at peak

The confrontation between Liquid and MIBR in the group stage cs_summit 6 for North America became the most popular match of the rating championship - 190,387 people watched it at its peak. The data was provided by the analytical service of Esports Charts.

Other matches of the top five most watched in the North American region were also with the participation of Brazilian team MIBR, while the Grand Final Evil Geniuses against Gen.G was not even in the top ten - 49 thousand. At the championship in Europe, the greatest interest of viewers was the confrontation between BIG and Vitality for the champion title - 133 thousand.

The top 5 matches in terms of viewings in Europe:

1. BIG - Vitality (133,452) Grand Final
2. Vitality - OG (99,658)
3. BIG - Vitality (92,111) upper grid final
4. BIG - fnatic (82,719)
5. BIG - FaZe (82,523)

Top five watching matches in North America:

1. Liquid - MIBR (190,387)
2. MIBR - Triumph (172,962)
3. MIBR - FURIA (171,674)
4. MIBR - Yeah (133,177)
5. MIBR - Chaos (131,800)

cs_summit 6 took place from June 22 to July 5 and played as the second rating tournament for Europe and North America. The European Division champions were BIG, who beat Vitality Grand Finals 3-2 by cards, while Evil Geniuses - a 3-0 victory over Gen.G. - celebrated triumph in the North American region.