Sprout are the champions at ESEA MDL S34

The winner of the European division of the ESEA MDL S34 league is the German-Polish team Sprout. In the grand final of the competition, which took place in the format of up to three wins with the advantage of one map for the top bracket finalist, the champions beat Nemiga dry - 16:10 on Nuke and 16:10 on Dust2.

Sprout finished the regular season in sixth place, while Nemiga showed the best result and made it to the playoffs as a leader. The teams met in the top bracket final, where the Belarusian team lost 1-2 on cards at the end of the BO3 match and had to prove their superiority over ALTERNATE aTTaX before claiming revenge in the Grand Final.

ESEA MDL S34 playoff results for Europe:

Prize fund distribution:

1.  Sprout – $20,000
2.  Nemiga – $10,000
3.  ALTERNATE aTTaX – $4,500
4.  Endpoint – $1,500