es3tag officially joined Astralis

Patrick "es3tag" Hansen became a player of Astralis on July 1. He moved as a free agent after his contract with Heroic expired and became the seventh player in the four-time Major champion team.

In May Astralis lineup was expanded by signing Jacob "JUGi" Hansen, but the sniper failed to prove himself properly, leaving es3tag to debut for the new team at ESL One Cologne at the end of August. Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth and Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander have temporarily gone inactive - the date of return of the first unknown, and the captain is expected to return to his duties in August.

Patrick Hansen has played for Heroic since June 2017. He helped the team win Games Clash Masters 2018, Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 and DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019. The 24-year-old played his last official match against Cloud9 on March 15 at Flashpoint 1, after which he was benched due to his decision to leave for Astralis.