cadiaN asked for an explanation from zywOo

In the first round of cs_summit 6 playoffs Vitality beat Heroic with a score of 2:1 on cards . In one of the episodes with Mathieu "ZywOo" Erbo paid special attention to the Danish team leader Kasper "cadiaN" Møller .

In the decisive Inferno with a score of 14:5 in his favor, a sniper of the French team shot through smoke to kill b0RUP, then mollied  stavn, and after this Erbo read the actions of Møller , who pushed from behind. It is noteworthy that at that moment ZywOo had a sniper rifle with cadiaN sticker on its scope, which he picked up in one of the previous rounds.

This triple-kill allowed Vitality to finish the third map without any problems and reach the semifinals of the upper bracket of the competition. After the match, the captain of the Danes posted a record of the moment and asked Erbo to explain his actions. The best player in the world did not answer - his teammate Richard "shox" Papillon did it for him.

"14:5, you played in attack. We knew that we had to focus on all corners, because you will continue to act aggressively. That's all. Leave my boy alone," wrote the 28-year-old Frenchman. He did not demand more detailed explanations: "I was outplayed, that's for sure".