Particpants of the first Nine to Five tournament

The organizers of Nine to Five announced the full list of participants of the first tournament of the series, which will run from June 29 to July 15. The guest teams include six from the CIS region - Gambit Youngsters, Hard Legion, Syman, CR4ZY, HellRaisers and

Nine to Five #1 kicks off with the group stage, which will be split in two stages: the first stage will be run in the GSL-format, the second - in the Swiss system. The eight finalists will fight in the Single Elimination bracket with the owners of direct invites. The winner will receive $35,000 and the team that lost in the Grand Final - $15,000.

The first stage of the group stage is seeded:

Group A

 HellRaisers –  Nexus
 AGF –  BIG Academy

Group В

 Izako Boars –  Singularity –  Orgles5

Group С

 Juggernauts –  Adaptation

Group D

 Wizards –  Wisla Krakow
 9INE –  Excellency

List of invited teams for the second stage of the group stage:


List of invited teams to the playoff stage:

 Gambit Youngsters
 Hard Legion
 Team Secret