MIBR to cs_summit 6 North America

MIBR filled the list of participants of the groupstages at cs_summit 6 for North America. The Brazilian team took third place in the qualifying round where, after a scandalous defeat by Chaos in the starting match, they had to prove their superiority over Envy, Yeah and Triumph in the lower bracket.

Cloud9 and Chaos went through the group stage without a defeat. In  the slot matches, the American teams defeated the Brazilians from TeamOne and Yeah respectively.

The results of the qualifying stage cs_summit 6 for North America:

Groupstages seeding at cs_summit 6 for North America:

cs_summit 6 takes place from June 22nd to July 5th and serves as a ranking tournament before ESL One Rio 2020. In North America, 13 teams compete for $75,000 in prize money and points in the RMR-rating.