Eden Arena: Malta Vibes with $400,000 prize pool announced

Eden Esports has announced a new series of tournaments called Eden Arena: Malta Vibes. The competition, split into ten game weeks, will draw a prize pool of $400,000.

Ten online tournaments will run between June 30 and September 6, each with 16 teams participating. The format of Eden Arena: Malta Vibes will remain identical to the previous Eden Esports series - #HomeSweetHome.

Eden Arena: Malta Vibes Tournament Schedule:

30 June - 5 July - first game week
July 9-13 - second game week
July 14-19 - third game week
21-26 July - fourth game week
July 30 - August 3 - fifth game week
August 4-9 - sixth game week
August 11-16 - seventh game week.
August 20-24 - eighth game week
August 25-30 - ninth game week
September 1-6 - tenth game week

The list of participants in the first Eden Arena: Malta Vibes game week will be announced shortly. It is noteworthy that the championship schedule coincides with the current cs_summit 6 (July 5), summer break on the competitive stage (July 6 to August 6) and ESL One Cologne 2020 (August 21-30).