Isurus qualified at ESL Pro League S12

Isurus won the qualifying round for ESL Pro League S12 for South America. The Argentine grand beat his only opponent, DETONA, 3-1 on the cards - 8:16 on Train, 16:13 on Nuke, 16:13 on Mirage and 16:14 on Dust2.

The list of ESL Pro League S12 participants:

 100 Thieves
 Evil Geniuses
 Natus Vincere
European Qualifier finalist #2
Finalist of ESEA MDL S33 Global Challenge #1
Finalist of ESEA MDL S33 Global Challenge #2
Winner of Pacific Qualifiers
Winner of Asian Qualifiers

ESL Pro League S12 will run from September 2 to October 11 in LAN-format. The $750,000 prize pool will be split by 24 teams from around the world, including 16 owners of the invites and eight finalists of the qualifying tournaments.