New mode mentions datamined in CS:GO client

Together with the latest CS:GO update, which was released on the night of June 11, the developers added new brushes with retake option for Inferno and Mirage cards. The author of YouTube channel Gabe Follower told about it in his social networks.

The enthusiast suggested that this may mean the preparation for the release of the official "retake mode", which is now very popular among players as a mod on third-party servers.

To enlarge the image, open it in a new tab through the context menu.

The Retake mod helps players train their skills to hold or capture one of the points on the map. In this mode the bomb is set at the very beginning of the game, so each round lasts only 45 seconds.

With the CS:GO update from June 11th the developers added an option to increase the contrast of the player model, which improves visibility in dark places, fixed some textures of agent models and made changes for several tournament maps.