1uke qualified for WePlay! Clutch Island

HOLLYWOOD turned out to be the strongest participant of the first of three open qualifiers for RMR tournament WePlay! Clutch Island. In the grand final of the competition Alexey"1uke" Zimin's team defeated SG.pro 2:0 on cards - 16:12 Overpass and 16:10 Train.

Qualifiers results starting from the 1/8 finals:

HOLLYWOOD at WePlay! Clutch Island:

 Alexey "1uke" Zimin
 Igor "dERZKIY" Radosavlevich
 Andrey "d34dr0ck" Konovalov
 Vladislav "LavL" Lazarev
 Eduard "Raider" Galchenko.

List of WePlay Clutch Island participants:

Closed qualifiers stage:

 Gambit Youngsters
Open qualifiers winner #2 
Open qualifiers winner #3

Group stage:

 Hard Legion
 Team Spirit
 Natus Vincere
Closed qualifiers finalist #1 
Closed qualifiers finalist #1 
Closed qualifiers finalist #1 

WePlay! Clutch Island will run June 16-28. Thirteen strongest representatives of the CIS will play out $50,000 prize pool and 14375 RMR points.