Complexity won the seventh #HomeSweetHome tournament

Seventh game week of the online championship #HomeSweetHome, which took place from 2 to 7 June, ended in a victory Complexity. In the Grand Final, Benjamin "blameF" Bremer's team defeated Endpoint 2-1 on the cards - 16:9 on Mirage, 12:16 on Vertigo and 16:4 on Dust2.

Complexity advanced from the second spot of Group A to the #HomeSweetHome: Week 7 playoffs, while on their way to the Grand Final they've beaten Gambit Youngsters and c0ntact. Endpoint took second place in Group D after being defeated by HAVU, while in the main stage they were stronger than Budapest Five and forZe.

Results of the playoffs stage #HomeSweetHome: Week 7:

Prize fund distribution:

1.  Complexity – $30,000
2.  Endpoint – $10,000

#HomeSweetHome: Week 8 is June 9-14. Fifteen invited teams and the winner of the closed qualification, which became the Polish team Illuminar, will take part in the competition.