NAVI outplayed mousesports in the grandfginals of Gamers Without Borders tournament

NAVI are first in the Gamers Without Borders charity tournament. In the Grand Final, Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev's team defeated mousesports 3:2 on cards - 13:11 on Mirage, 13:3 on Dust2, 11:13 on Nuke, 10:13 on Train and 15:12 on Inferno.

The $750,000 win by Natus Vincere will go to UNICEF, while half a million for second place will be donated to the International Telecommunication Union.

Gamers Without Borders results:

Distribution of the prize fund:

1. Natus Vincere - $750,000 (UNICEF)
2. mousesports - $500,000 (ITU)
3-4. FaZe - $150,000 (UNICEF)
3-4. OG - $150,000 (Direct Relief)
5-6. G2 - $100,000 (UNISEF)
5-6. fnatic - $100,000 (UNICEF)

Gamers Without Borders is a series of charity tournaments in various eSports disciplines. In total, the tournament organizers will donate $10,000,000 to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.