BIG, HONORIS, G2 & OG duos invited to Red Bull Flick

The organizers of the Red Bull Flick online tournament, which will run in the unique for CS:GO "Hold the Flag" format , presented  the first invited participants. The owners of the invites are representatives of the following clubs: BIG, HONORIS, G2 and OG, as well as the team Ricardo "fox" Pacheco and Michaela "mimi" Lintrup.

Previously, the finalists of the qualifying round on Red Bull Flick were determined. Espada players Dmitriy "Dima" Bandurka and Vladislav "FinigaN" Usov, the Ukrainian team GUESS, as well as German and French duets got the slots.

List of Red Bull Flick participants:

 BIG (gob b & nex)
 BIG Academy (prosus & Krimbo)
 HONORIS #1 (NEO & Prism)
 HONORIS #2 (TaZ & reiko)
 G2 #1
 G2 #2
 Team fox
 Team mimi
 Инвайт #10
 Инвайт #11
 Инвайт #12
 Espada (Dima & FinigaN)
 GUESS (m1koo24 & HELLKISSS)
 epikk (s1n и skyye)
 MBAPPEEK (Ex3rcice & Djoko)

The competition for €20,000 will take place on June 6-7. Participants will capture and hold the flag area on specially designed maps for 45 seconds or until the end of the 2 minute round.