NAVI & mousesports to the grandfinals of Gamers Without Borders

Natus Vincere and mousesports to play in the Grand Final of the charity tournament Gamers Without Borders, which will take place on May 31 at 19:00 CET. At the semi-finals stage the finalists have beaten FaZe and OG respectively.

Actual playoffs grid:

Distribution of the prize fund:

1. $750,000
2. $500,000
3-4. FaZe - $150,000 (UNICEF)
3-4. OG - $150,000 (Direct Relief)
5-6. G2 - $100,000 (UNICEF)
5-6. fnatic - $100,000 (UNICEF)

Gamers Without Borders is a series of charity tournaments in various eSports disciplines. In total, the tournament organizers will donate $10,000,000 to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.