Dota 2 Battle Pass update contains CS:GO Source 2 transition mentions

Dataminer found a new CS:GO mention of the Source 2 engine in the code of Dota 2, which received a major update the previous day with the release of Battle Pass for The International 2020. This was published by Gabe Follower on his Twitter.

The four rows found are responsible for the new effects in CS:GO. Gabe Follower noticed the presence of a direct reference to a smoke grenade, which may mean a fix with the transition to Source 2 of a long time bug, when sometimes player model silhouette could be visible in a cloud smoke.

Previously, enthusiasts found evidence of Valve's shooter on a new engine in the extended toolset for developers of modifications in Half-Life: Alyx.

Source 2 is used in Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx and other Valve games. Experts believe that CS:GO transition to a new engine may improve performance, but will not have a significant impact on the graphics and physics of the game.