Complexity Won #HomeSweetHome: Week 4

The fourth game week of the online championship #HomeSweetHome ended with a victory Complexity. At the playoff stage, Benjamin's "blameF" Bremer's team defeated Endpoint, Sprout and Team Secret without losing any cards to their opponents.

Since Complexity guaranteed to participate in #HomeSweetHome: Grand Final at the end of the third tournament of the series, in the Grand Final which was defeated by BIG, the slot will get the vice-champion in the face of Team Secret. The money reward is distributed as follows: Complexity - $30,000, Team Secret - $10,000.

The results of the playoff stage #HomeSweetHome: Week 4:

The fifth game week #HomeSweetHome will take place from 19 to 24 May. There will be fifteen invited teams and the winner of the closed qualification, which is the Polish team AVEZ.