Rumors: JUGi will join Astralis

Astralis signed former North player Jacob "JUGi" Hansen as the seventh member of the CS:GO roster. This is reported by the Danish television channel TV 2.

Earlier, Jarek "DeKay" insider Lewis revealed the club's plans to expand its roster. According to him, in the near future at least one new player will join the team.

At the end of March Astralis announced signing Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, according to which the 24-year-old Danish will join the team in July this year, immediately after the contract with Heroic. According to coach Danny "zonic" Sorensen, all six members of the team will be involved on equal terms, refuting the view that the newcomer will become a reserve player.

JUGi received free agent status at the end of April, when his contract with North expired. Previously he had played under the auspices of such renowned clubs as Reason, Tricked, Heroic and OpTic, but only in the Danish squad.