Thorin's CSGO World Rankings - 30th April 2020

Duncan "Thorin" Shields has updated his personal team rating in CS:GO with the results of the last major tournaments. The analyst has placed the champions of the European division of ESL Pro League S11 - fnatic - in second place, while the leadership in the subjective top is still held by Natus Vincere.

The CIS kings remain atop the standings, despite finishing only fourth online. Even in their online run they managed a few nice results. What keeps them at the top, naturally, is still that monster Katowice championship and the Blast group stage win. Nobody has been better on LAN than Na'Vi and by such a margin that three teams finishing above them online doesn't displace them just yet.

As much as it might be mildly comforting to s1mple and company to retain their ranking, missing out on the offline window to win championships and even maybe a major must be a huge source of frustration. Has there ever been a more unhappy world number one ranked team?

 Duncan "Thorin" Shields' current ranking:

1.  Natus Vincere
2.  fnatic (+5 places)
3.  mousesports
4.  Astralis (-2 places)
5.  G2 (-1 место)
6.  Liquid (-1 places)
7.  FaZe (+2 places)
8.  Evil Geniuses
9.  100 Thieves (+1 places)
10.  MAD Lions (new team)

On April 27, the authoritative portal made adjustments to its team rating, as a result of which fnatic headed the list and Natus Vincere and Astralis were moved one position down. You can find the updated top by clicking on the link.