MiBR vs MAD Lions gathered most audience at Flashpoint 1

Stream of the match  MIBR against MAD Lions at the Grand Final of Flashpoint 1 gathered 282,400 spectators at peak, which is the largest result for the entire period of the first season of the championship. The data was provided by the analytical service of Esports Charts.

The second place in the rating of matches in terms of popularity was also taken by the meeting of the finalists, which took place in the final of the playoffs upper bracket . The confrontation between MIBR and MAD Lions for the grand final spot resulted in the victory of the Brazilians and gathered 173.5 thousand spectators online.

The top five also included the semi-final of the upper bracket playoffs HAVU - MIBR (134.6 thousand) and matches of the group stage MAD Lions - FunPlus Phoenix (129.9 thousand) and MIBR - Gen.G (126.5 thousand).

Flashpoint 1 took place from March 13 to April 20 online. The winner of the $1,000,000 prize pool competition was MAD Lions, which overtook MIBR in the Grand Final with a 2-1 card score

Origin: escharts.com