Flashpoint 1. MIBR to the grandfinals; HAVU & MAD Lions are facing lower bracket finals

MIBR have defeated MAD Lions in the final of the upper bracket at Flashpoint 1 playoffs and will play in the Grand Final of the championship. The defeated Danish team will face the HAVU at the bottom in the bracket, who defeated Cloud9 before they have a chance to take revenge on the Brazilians.

The confrontation between Flashpoint 1's playoff leaders ended with a 2-1 card score. Opponents exchanged difficult wins at their picks, and then faced Dust2, where Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo's team did not leave a chance to less experienced team MAD Lions - 16:5.

Two cards were enough to determine the winner of the lower bracketsemi-final. First, HAVU proved their superiority over the North American team on their Nuke - 16:11, and then showed a confident attack on Vertigo, taking the unmistakable series of nine rounds - 16:8 as a strong point. Cloud9 finish fourth in their debut Flashpoint league season.

The current bracket of Flashpoint 1 playoffs:

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