Flashpoint 1. MAD Lions & MIBR to the upper bracket finals

MAD Lions and MIBR teams have won the Flashpoint 1 upper bracket semifinals and will meet in the final. The defeated Cloud9 and HAVU fell to the bottom bracket, where they will face Orgless and Gen.G respectively.

MAD Lions defeated Cloud9 2:0 on maps. In the main time of Inferno the rivals exchanged the score 10:5 in favor of the defense, and in additional rounds the winner was determined only after three series - 25:23. The Danish team played a more confident game on their Nuke - 16:7.

The second match of the game day ended after all three maps. HAVU won Vertigo by a margin of eight rounds, while MIBR managed to score Dust2 - 19:17. The decisive Train took place under the full control of the Brazilians, who gave the opponent only three rounds, starting the game for the defense side - 16:3.

The current grid of Flashpoint 1 playoffs:

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