SMASH announced their break up with Sebastian "NEEX" Trela by mutual agreement. The Polish player decided to complete the cooperation with the organization as he "did not fit the team style".

Today we announce the departure of Sebastian “Neex” Trela under mutual agreement. He couldn’t find his comfort in our line-up’s playstyle which made him uncertain about his own expression in the server. We respect the way he feels and we also believe he is making the right choice for himself and for us so both parties can grow in the future. We will never stand in the way of someones career. We’ve had lots of fun with Sebastian during bootcamps and online. He is a lovely, smart, funny person.
We would like to thank Sebastian for the great moments we had and we hope he finds a new home very quick.
#10hourspraccthenrelax ;)
In-game Fejtz will most likely pick-up the big green gun. We will be testing some players in the coming days & weeks until we find the perfect fit. We have the talent, so we just need to complete the puzzle and show the world how beautiful it is.

Role of the main sniper will be taken over by Christian "fejtZ" Allsaar, and the vacant position in the team will be tested. In the upcoming matches SMASH will be filled by 22-year-old Estonian Kristian "shokz" Jacobson.

NEEX joined SMASH in early December last year, when the club introduced its new CS:GO team. The team's greatest achievement during this period was winning the open qualifying round for Europe Minor - Rio 2020.