Flashpoint 1. MAD Lions & Cloud9 advance in the upper bracket

MAD Lions and Cloud9 advanced further inthe upper bracket after the first two starting matches at Flashpoint 1 playoff stage. The defeated FunPlus Phoenix and Gen.G will face in the lower bracket.

MAD Lions defeated FunPlus Phoenix 2-0 on the cards. On Nuke the Danish team made an impressive 5:14 comeback, taking eleven rounds to the row - 16:14. The Lions continued to dominate the match - 16:2 on Dust2.

In the second match of the day the fight turned out to be more equal. The winner of Vertigo was determined only by overtime - 19:17 for Cloud9. The outcome of Nuke also decided in the last rounds: on the score of 14:13 team Johnny "JT" Theodosiou took a tactical pause, after which it held two successful attacks on different points of the two-level card.

The current bracket of Flashpoint 1 playoffs:

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