EPL S11 NA. MIBR lost to FURIA and are out

The playoffs of the North American division at ESL Pro League S11 started with the semi-final of the lower bracket, where FURIA and MIBR clashed. The team of Andrei "arT" Piovezan came out of the Brazilian derby as the winner.

MIBR  have chosen Vertigo as their map, which is the worst in the FURIA arsenal. As a result of the first ten rounds FalleN and Co won only one, which predetermined the final outcome of the game - 16:4. On the enemy Mirage, MIBR were close to evening the score on the cards, but at the decisive moment FURIA achieved the cherished match point - 16:14.

The current playoff grid atthe North American division of ESL Pro League S11:

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