EPL S11 EU. NAVI lost to mousesports; Astralis & OG scored

In the third series of matches of the second group stage at ESL Pro League S11 OG, Astralis and mousesports won, and the latter came out to be the sole group leaders.

The meeting between OG and fnatic took place in equal competition on all three maps. Inferno was won by the Swedish team 16:12, while Aleksi "Aleksib" Viroleinen's team was stronger in Mirage at the end of the overtime - 19:15. On the decisive Dust2, the opponents did not concede each other in tactical preparation, but in the individual game OG players surpassed the fnatic team - 16:13.

The Astralis team, which started in the second group stage of EPL S11 with two defeats, retained their chances to leave the group, beating FaZe 2:0 on cards. Nuke ended up with one round of overtime, while the Danish Grand gave the opponent only four rounds on Overpass.

The central match of the game day, in which mousesports and Natus Vincere came together, did not require a third map either. The rivalry on Nuke and Dust2 was similar: the European team won the first half with a score of 10:5, and after the change of sides confidently brought the game to a victorious end. The results of the match: Nuke - 16:11, Dust2 - 16:9.

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