ESL Pro League S11 - Na`Vi, mousesports and fnatic take the lead

fnatic, Natus Vincere and mousesports took the lead in the second group stage of ESL Pro League S11 with two victories each. Astralis, OG and FaZe remain without points in the first two series of matches.

Match Astralis against fnatic started with Dust2, which resulted in the victory of the Swedes - 16:13. Danish grand managed to twin their Nuke - 16:11 not without trouble. The decisive game took place at Inferno, where fnatic overcame their opponents with a minimal margin.

Pair Natus Vincere - OG also required all three cards to determine the strongest one. Alexi "Aleksib" Virolinen's team started the match with a confident victory on Inferno (16:7) and was close to its end on Overpass, where they've led with 12:6 score, but the born to win took a series of ten meek rounds, thus keeping the chances of a successful outcome. On Dust2 both teams showed their strong attacking side, but in the final rounds was on  Na`Vi side - 16:13.

On the first two cards of the FaZe - mousesports confrontation, the rivals exchanged victories on the other side's picks and went on to the decisive Dust2. The first half of the match ended in favor of FaZe 9:6, after which the leadership was strengthened by the won gun round, but mousesports were able to break the game course in a series of eight rounds and bring it to a victorious end - 12:16.

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