seized's team to play last tournament together

Denis "seized" Kostin announced his team's disband, which was formed at the end of January this year and plays under the tag fbg, due to lack of sponsorship. This was reported by the captain of the team on Twitter.

story of our team (with scoobyxie jR foster kalinka) shortly come to end. When we create that team in early January our main focus was to play for long distance and just get better every day. We were working so hard these 2 months before Minor Quals, we hoped to find an organization and coach before the start of the tournament so that we could get together at the bootcamp so that players could focus only on the game and not think about where to get money for living, but we didnt. Sadly we didn’t show our full potential at Minor Quals, I can say that because I know how we could actually play and what game we showed in pracctice(i know that pracctice doesnt mean anything but still it shows how players and team can play) when the players had no pressure on official games. After Minor we were not team anymore as we were in the beginning, all of us was very dissapointed and we can blame only ourselfs for that, i'll not write what kind of problems we have but we were not a "unit" anymore.
I want to say thanks to Sasha,Stas,Kolya,Diman anyway.
We still playing HIPFIRED Cup where we won against apeks 2-0 and 2-1 vs Sprout, we gonna finish that tournament as last one for us together.
Dunno what future holds next for me, but i'll not give up! im still feeling that i can give good shot as IGL, feeling pretty confident with my understanding CS and individually aswell.
Again open to offers :)
U can contact me via:
DM in twitter
or email: [email protected]
thanks to everyone who still believes in me, our time has not gone yet - I promise!

The team intends to play together an online tournament HIPFIRED CUP with a prize fund of $ 12,500, where they've reached the final of the upper bracket.

In early March, the Telegram channel CYBERSLOVO published an official presentation of fbg to potential sponsors, according to which the players were counting on a salary of $2,500 before participating in the qualification for CIS Minor - Rio 2020.

Current composition of fbg:

Denis "seized" Kostin
Dmitry "jR" Chervak
Aleksandar "scoobyxie" Marinic
Nikolai "kalinka" Rysakov
Stanislav "fostar" Ostashevsky