EPL S11 EU & NA. TYLOO & Virtus.pro are out

TYLOO and Virtus.pro have encountered another defeat in the ESL Pro League S11 and lost their chances to advance to the next stage of the tournament, even though they're still having matches to play. The American Division, which is coming to the finish line, has not yet determined sole leaders and outsiders.

The confrontation between mousesports and TYLOO did not present any surprises and ended in the victory of Europe with the result 2:0 on cards. On Mirage, the Chinese grand could not resist the stronger opponent - 16:7, while on Train the comeback took place from the score 11:4, but in the end mousesports managed to finish the map with their victory - 16:13.

G2 against Virtus.pro didn't present any surprises: the CIS representative lost to the third team of the world on Mirage (16:6) and Dust2 (16:8) with a devastating score. Bears are losing their third row match on EPL S11 and have no chance of making it to the top 3 of their group early, even if they win the upcoming games against OG and TYLOO.

The confrontation between Evil Geniuses and FURIA was the most spectacular this game day. On their Mirage, the Brazilians won 16-8, but missed out on the enemy Train by giving the North American a four-round streak at 12-14. In the course of the decisive Nuke, the opponents secured an advantage several times, but in the end the winner out of an intense battle turned out to be EG - 16:13.

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