ESL Pro League S11 game day recap

The European and American divisions of ESL Pro League S11 continue group stage games. As a result of the game day OG, mousesports and MiBR recorded victories to their account.

In the first match of the strongest representatives Group C in the face of G2 and OG the leader has been decided. Both Mirage and Dust2 cards took place in the same way: OG were in the lead in the first half with a score of 9:6, after which they almost unmistakably brought the game to a victorious end. The efforts of Samurai star Nemanja "huNter-" Kovacs, who completed the second card with an impressive rating of 1.68, should be highlighted separately.

The match between mouses and happened to be in an equal struggle. At Vertigo, both teams realized the full advantage of the attacking side, but AdreN's team was weaker for their defense - 16:12. Train kept the intrigue till the last moment: with the score 10:12 in favor of VP, the European team managed to dry out the game and took a series of six final rounds.

100 Thieves and MiBR clashed in the American division. The match was no less spectacular than the previous two, and ended on two cards with a small advantage on each card in favor of the Brazilian team. On Train the map ended with the score 16:12, on Inferno 16:14.

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